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John Smith Legacy for Vanilla Minecraft



Long ago on a cold night while searching YouTube for something to watch I started watching JimPlaysGames and pacbilly play a game deceptively simple looking game called Minecraft, after a few weeks I found out about dark room mob spawners to get all the good stuff, the first videos I watched were Monkeyfarm's YouTube tutorials, I then watched way too many Lets Plays and got hooked on the distinct look of the John Smith texture pack.

After about a year or so, JohnSmith (original author) decided to no longer update the pack, the pack was too good to just let it die so the community took over and John Smith Legacy was born, I joined the project right at the beginning but slowly over the years all the other member went onto the sickly sweet modded game and the millions of textures needed for that, I decided to specialise in the Vanilla game, took over the hosting and control of that release.

Lots of people have helped with this project over the years, submitting new textures, bug reports, questions and general encouragement, thank you everyone and may I hope this pack continues.

JohnSmith Flying Chicken


Berylium font created by Typodermic Fonts

Note: Berylium font is no longer available to download from Typodermic Fonts.

Thanks to all of the People who helped with the pack

JimStoneCraft Greenhawk837 Glowstontium iTpyn Zica arkindal

Freakscar Lazdude2012 xXTerra_BranfordXx flying sheep Dweller_Benthos JonnnLeee

The MCF community (for various textures updated while the original author John Smith is MIA).

Without these people the pack would not be the same

And Finally

Patreon Hall of Fame

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Active Patrons

Here's the list of all the current active patrons, I would like to thank you all for your support.

  • Chase
  • Connor DiGiovanni
  • Darin Hughes
  • Firestar3517
  • halira
  • Jessie R
  • Lauren Turner
  • Lindsey Taylor
  • Marissa Kridelbaugh
  • Michael Tucker
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  • Sigurd Kristensen
  • Thomas Henriksen
  • Tom Martin
  • Zalikha yusof

Former Patrons

Gone but not forgotten, thanks for your support and I hope to see you again in the future.

  • Adam Lindberg
  • Alex Kline
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  • Chris Cummings
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  • xxrarity1x17


Texture Packs

John Smith Legacy

JohnSmith Technician's Remix is a variation of the original John Smith texture pack, this is designed for use with modded Minecraft, such as the FTB or Technic modpacks. - Minecraft Forum thread for the Modded John Smith Legacy Resource Pack. - Minecraft Forum thread for the Vanilla John Smith Legacy Resource Pack.

John Smith Legacy 3D Models - A great add-on that adds lots more 3D models to the standard John Smith Legacy Resource Pack.

Halcyon Days - Minecraft Forum thread for the Halcyon Days Resource Pack. - Planet Minecraft page for the Halcyon Days Resource Pack.

Mod Support

VoxelMap by MamiyaOtaru - A great minimap for Minecraft, never get lost again.

Minecraft Tools

Optifine - OptiFine is a Minecraft optimization mod, it allows the game to run faster and look better with full support for HD textures, random mobs and many configuration options. I use this with Modded Minecraft games like Feed the Beast. - OptiFine GitHub, has loads of help documents and information.

mcpatcher HD - mcpatcher HD, Minecraft patcher for Connected Textures mod (CTM), Better Glass & Skies, Better Grass and more, i use this mainly on older version of Vanilla Minecraft. - mcpatcher Wiki.

Plotz - Plotz is an online voxel sphere generator and 3D modeller for Mincecraft. Create spheres, observatories and wizard towers, then view or print schematics all in your web browser.


I know some people like this sort of thing so here's the current specifications for my main workstation and the John Smith Legacy Server.

Hardware and Software

The first PC I bought was an AST 486 DX2 with 4MB of RAM, 120MB HD and a 14inch VGA Monitor back in 1995, I paid £1200 for that.

Every system I had after that was built by myself, this has got much easier over the last ten years or so with Windows configuration and hardware compatibility being so much better.

Specification for my custom built system that was originally assembled on 2nd December 2011, I've updated this over the years with a new Ultrawide monitor, GTX 1080 Graphics card, SSD's and backup drives, the Ultrawide monitor and GTX 1080 Graphics card have both been sold and the system has now been reperposed as the John Smith Legacy Server.

Things were started to get a little slow when develping the pack so on 3rd September 2021 I decided to make a new workstation.

Hardware - Workstation






Hardware - John Smith Legacy Server






Other Hardware

Audio Out - Personal

Audio Out - Speakers

Equipment Rack

Resource Pack editing software

I also create and edit textures for the John Smith Legacy Resource Pack and my own John Smith Legacy JimStoneCraft Edition, this is a list of the software I use.

Office Hardware

Here's a list of my office setup





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