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John Smith Legacy for Vanilla Minecraft

John Smith Server

John Smith Legacy - Patreon Server

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Welcome to the John Smith Legacy Minecraft server, it's up and running and is quite stable.

Server FAQ


There's a Discord section exclusively for Patrons. - Discord chat server for the Vanilla John Smith Legacy Resource Pack. and Server.

Server Information

The server is currently running a JAVA Minecraft 1.14.4 vanilla server.

While the server is vanilla, I've decided to add some helpful datapacks to help the server run smoother and make the game more enjoyable for other players.

Currenly install datapacks from Vanilla Tweaks - Xisumavoid -

Client mods

Here are a list of client side mods I personally run to make the server experience a little better.

You're on your own with setting these up, please test the server without mods if you are having issues to see if it's one of your mods causing the problem.



Fabric API

VoxelMap (Fabric version)

OptiFabric (so OptiFine and Fabric work nice together)

Light Overlay (Forge/Fabric) (Useful mod to show light levels)


More to come.


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